BJ Novak Becomes Face of Many Products After Image Wrongly Marked in the Public Domain

BJ Novak accidentally became one of the most popular stock photo models in the world. Because his image was mistakenly uploaded to a public domain website, the author and The office The actor/writer has become the face of many different products in countries around the world.

Novak recently collected some of his favorites in his Instagram stories, modeling a Calvin Klein perfume in Sweden, hair clippers in China, face paint in Uruguay, and a bile green raincoat in Europe. “Years ago, someone mistakenly put an image of me on a public domain site,” he explains.

He knows this is the second, not-so-lucrative career since at least 2014, when he posted an iron-eyed tower on boxed Novaks, all marked ‘Encounter’ and sitting in a shelf. Little did he know that he was selling perfume. “I am #blessed to announce the launch of my fragrance, available now in a Swedish department store, ”he joked at the time.

Novak may pursue legal action if he wishes, the New York Times reports, forcing the removal of the images and possibly even demanding compensation from companies that profited from his appearance. But for now, he seems content to let the image be free and independent. “I really enjoy doing any of it,” he said.

Besides, he has a lot more to focus on, the debut of his new anthology series The Premise on Hulu in September. See a selection of her face products below.

bj novak face of products image in the public domainbj novak face of products image in the public domainbj novak face of products image in the public domain

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