Blac Chyna Gets Facial Fillers That Dissolve After Breast and Butt Surgery

Blac Chynathe change is back to Angela White continues.

the The real Blac Chyna star underwent several cosmetic procedures to reverse the results of the past and documented her experiences. In a video posted on Instagram March 15, Chyna was spotted getting fillers in her cheeks and jawline at Allure Laser & Wellness Spa in Los Angeles.

“Enough is enough,” said the 34-year-old. “It all needs to come out.”

Once inside, she told a physician’s assistant, “Basically, I want everything to melt. Back to baseline. I’m tired of the look and it’s not flattering. It’s not my look. It’s my face and I’m ready to go back to Angela. Black Chyna is Blac Chyna and I feel like I’m over that and it’s just time for a change.”

Chyna said that with her facial fillers, makeup artists “contour to make it more dramatic,” adding, “So, I would like like Jigsaw. The mask, everything. I’m just ready to take it off.”

Chyna captioned her video post, “I Remove all my face fillers, I’m so happy.”

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