Blade Confirms Marvel’s New Universe Could Be Better

In a preview for the new episode of Heroes Reborn, Blade wakes up to a new world that may actually be better than the one he remembers.

In a new preview for the upcoming Marvel Comics Heroes Born Again event, the vampire hunter Blade proves that the remade Marvel Universe could be better than the one he remembers. The upcoming event will see the whole world with any innovation, creating a new universe where the Avengers never come together as Earth Mightiest Heroes. However, the Squadron Supreme is filling that role which created a widespread domino effect that affected the entire universe. However, as Blade remembers what it was, he wondered if things might be changing in this new universe.

Heroes Born Again come from now on Avengers writer Jason Aaron and actor Ed McGuinness and saw the entire Marvel Universe somehow made without the Avengers. While the heroes themselves still remain, Tony Stark has never built his Iron Man suit, Thor doesn’t believe in the gods, and Captain America is still on the ice. However, Squadron Supreme has risen to replace the Avengers, who certainly have a problem with how they reveal the secret brain equipment of Agent Phil Coulson (who is in the service of Demon Lord Mephisto).

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Now, despite all the reality that has changed with the new status quo, Blade remembers how things went, as seen in the new preview for Heroes is born again # 1. Comics are now seen Blade as a member of the Avengers, although it is not yet clear why he is the only one who remembers his primary truth. Confusing things even more, Blade really thinks this new world could be even better, seeing how there is a whole race of creatures he hasn’t seen there: vampires. Here is the synopsis for the upcoming issue and preview pages from Marvel Comics:

HEROES # 1 PROMISES A WORLD WITHOUT AVENGERS!Happy arrival in a world where Tony Stark has never built an Iron Man armor. Where Thor is a drinker atheist who despises hammers. Where Wakanda is rejected as a myth. And where Captain America never finds the ice because there are no Avengers to find him. However this world has always been protected by the Strongest Heroes on Earth, America’s Supreme Squadron. And now the Squadron faces an onslaught from some of their most vicious enemies, such as Dr. Juggernaut, the Black Skull, the Silver Witch and Thanos with his Infinity Rings. But why is it that Daywalker Blade is a living person who seems to remember that the whole world has been… born again?

Heroes-Born Again-1-Cover-Image
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Now, in the usual Marvel Universe, vampires are even more important. Dracula took a running step to secure his own vampire-allowed country with the United Nations in the irradiated regions of Chernobyl, and both the Avengers and X-Men are preparing for the inevitable shoe-throwing that will lead to an all- out superhero / vampire war. Naturally, Blade the Vampire Hunter was on the front line and kept a close eye on the situation, and the Avengers and the UN just appointed him to be the official sheriff of the vampire country to keep things going and keep order and peace. However, Blade’s whole purpose as a hero not necessary for this remade Marvel Universe, and that’s obviously part of a personal level for Daywalker.

In any case, vampires or non -vampires, it seems like there are still threats and villains that need to stop (like Dr. Juggernaut). It’s as if it’s like that Blade there is still work to be done Heroes Born Again, because he was probably trying to reassemble the Avengers to try and set things right. However, given what Blade has seen so far, should the Marvel Universe be restored to what it is? Fans will have to wait and see when the first issue comes on Heroes Born Again released soon from Marvel Comics.

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