Blood Trailer Previews Melee Action Gameplay

Realm: The Blooda mobile and PC game based on the world of the hit Netflix South Korean horror series, revealed in July 2022. Developer Action Square is now giving players more insight into the action title by releasing a gameplay trailer and commentary that video.

The gameplay trailer shows more of his combat, which is described as a “work in progress” in the video’s title. It mostly centers around a one-on-one battle between two swordsmen and then features a variety of different boss fights near the end. Currently, combat mostly consists of various sword strikes, blocks, dodge rolls, and special abilities. There is also some kind of score counter and a timer.

In the commentary trailer for the game, Producer Hyungseok Kang described the studio’s goals for the game, which included capturing the look and feel of the hit television series, representing Korean culture from that era, and describes some of the “key features of the show”. and episodes.” The commentary video also contains a look at its PVP mode and explains its cross-platform play.

There is no release window yet for this action game. However, it was recently launched Steam page listed it as “coming soon.”

kingdom Set in the medieval Joseon period of Korea. In a kingdom wracked by corruption and starvation, a mysterious plague has spread to create infected monsters. The crown prince, framed for treason and desperate to save his people, embarks on a journey to uncover what evil lurks in the darkness.

kingdom starring Ju Ji-Hoon (With the Gods, Dark Crime Pictures) as Crown Prince, Bae Doona (Feeling8Cloud Atlas) as Seo-bi, Ryu Seung-Ryong (Miracle of Cell No. 7, Terrible Work) as Jo Hak-jo, Kim Sangho (The Beauty Within, The Happy Life), Heo Joon-Ho (Jumong), and Jeon Seok-Ho (The Good Wife).

kingdom directed by Kim Seung-Hun from a screenplay written by Kim Eun-Hee based on her webcomic series Land of the Gods. All episodes of the first season are now available for streaming on Netflix.

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