Bob Saget died at the age of 65

completion Full house finished in 1985, she continued her acting career, with small parts in TV films and the 1998 film Half Baked, as well as a major short -lived role in the early ’00s series Raising Dad.

In the late ’00s, he had a recurring role as a fictional version of himself on HBO’s Entourage and also portrays the narrator of the sitcom How I Met Your Mom. In 2016, he and most of the cast of Full House repeated their roles in a series of Netflix series. Full House, which ended in the run in 2020. His last onscreen acting role than in the 2021 independent movie Killing Daniel.

Since 2020, Saget has also hosted his own podcast, Bob Saget Is Here For You, in addition to pursuing his acting and standup comedy careers.

“I really like to standup now more than I ever did,” he told the Jacksonville, Fla. TV station. News4Jax last week. “I don’t talk about politics. I don’t talk about religion. I just want to make people laugh. Blues Brothers, where they knock on the door and go, ‘We are on a mission from God.’ I just want to take advantage of people and have fun outside. “

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