Bob the Drag Queen shows off his Experience

Bob the Drag Queen said of season 2 of Here We Are, “The look is even better, the representation of this season. We’re passionate about the work.”

Bob the Drag Queen, the winner of season 8 of Drag Race by RuPaul, participated in a reality TV series called Ania Kami last year. With the first season behind him and the second season scheduled to release sometime this year, Bob will take a little time to reflect on the experience.

Since claiming the crown in season 8 on Drag Race, Bob the Drag Queen continues on his long path. Recently, he appeared as the character Remy in the series, Heads will roll, and as Ida Best on the TV show, City Tales. Even though he has done a lot of work on scripted content, Bob hasn’t left the world of reality TV. Along with Eureka O’Hara and Shangela Laquifa Wadley, the drag star travels across America to inspire and teach their daughters how to drag out their comfortable head-to-toe drag area. The first season ends in 2020 and the second season is almost here. Bob took a long time to reflect on his experience at the same times. “All I can say is, we were excited to travel even more in the first season – and we were around our first season.

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With a lot of success come a lot of challenges. “I think some of the challenges, you know, first of all, is filming the Gettysburg wild because in July, it was almost 100 degrees, and we were out,”Bob said of the physical challenges they endured while filming. However, there are also some mental stresses. “But after the emotional challenges, as we see real, real felt things. And it’s ridiculous. Everyone wants, ‘I crying every episode, ‘and so did I. Unless the episode is 9 days long, do you know what I mean? Like the whole thing is like an emotional journey, but it’s rewarding.

When asked about what it’s like to travel to small American towns all over, Bob replied, “There are also a lot of weird pockets in small towns. I am really happy to be able to represent these towns. We painted the small American town with a wide stroke. There is a lot more nuance to these towns than, I think, the world knows.”This drag superstar promises a more realistic moments and inspiring stories in the future as well. “When we first started showing up on the show, I was like if it was going to be a queer fix to a bunch of white guys, I didn’t want to do it. I’m so proud to see that we have Asian Americans, Native Americans, different people who are gay, trans people, like, it’s amazing.”Bob shares an anecdote about his experience while filming: “We also have people who have done differently but also haven’t made their overall story line about the fact that they have done differently. We had a guy on show who was an amputee and we didn’t do the whole story about amputation. Very good!

The release date of the second season has yet to be confirmed, but it is is expected to premiere sometime in the summer of 2021. Fans of Drag Race by RuPaul and Bob had a chance to watch Ania Kami soon “The looks are much better, the representation of this period. It is true that we work hard,”Signed by Bob the Drag Queen.

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