Bohemian Loose Half Braid High Ponytail Hairstyle

I love a loose Bohemian-style look. Whether it’s clothing, jewelry, or in this case, hair, there’s something calming about the style. This loose half-braid high ponytail is a great idea to take the boring ponytail up a notch or two. This style is casual enough for everyday but can be dressy enough for an event.

back of loose braid high ponytail

Half Braid High Ponytail

This style has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. A ponytail looks basic, but adding the twist of a partial braid on top really elevates the look. If you have never tried this process before, this is the perfect style to choose. It’s easy to create and ideal for almost any hair length or texture.

If you are not familiar with a fishtail braid, you may want to check it out fishtail ponytail pigtails tutorial. This will help you understand the basics of the fishtail braiding style. If you like braids, you can also make this list of braided updo styles. There are many ways to make your hair beautiful with braids!

middle braid high ponytail from the side

What Should I Do With This Braided Ponytail?

While you really only need one hairbrush and ponytail holders, I recommend a few other things to pursue. In particular, this style looks best on curly or wavy hair that gives volume under the ponytail.

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Our model has beautiful curly hair that looks great like this. If you are blessed with straight hair like me, then you can do some curling or even teasing the hair to add volume. A simple curling wand can add loose curls that you can comb through, or you can style it with slightly messy hair that can be braided and pulled out of braids to give it waves and texture. hair as shown.

Below are some other things I keep up with for styling my hair. Even if you don’t need all of them, it’s a good investment. Check them out and add them to your hair care routine if necessary.

Other things I love:

loose braid on top of a high ponytail

Loose Half Braid High Ponytail Tutorial

To put this look together, you need to comb your hair first. If you want to add texture to the bottom of the hair, you can plan and braid your hair the night before so it has some waves. Alternatively, you can use a curling wand or crimper after styling to add that texture.

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While you can style this on clean hair, I recommend doing it with slightly dirty hair. It has more texture, and body, and will hold better.

Step 1

Part and pull the center section back on top of your head. It’s just a small braided area, but you’ll leave the sides and back hanging out.

hand separating sections of hair

Pin this section to the top of your head.

front part of the hair is cut on top of the head

Step 2

Now, comb or brush back the sides and back of your hair into a ponytail. Use the brush to smooth the edges. You want it to be beautiful but the hair hanging down and the braid will remove some or add texture.

hands pulling hair back

Add a hair tie here to keep it in place.

back in the middle of the braid high ponytail

Step 3

Next, you remove the clip from the hair you parted first. Try this to remove any tangles.

hand to divide the sections hair

Step 4

Now, divide this section of hair into two sections. Hang one on each side of the main ponytail.

hands holding both sides of the hair of the head

Next, you start with a loose fishtail braid by pulling a small section from each side and placing the middle sections.

braided hair

Repeat this process until you reach the area right under the existing ponytail. Watch the video for a better step-by-step look at this process if you’re not familiar with the fishtail ponytail style.

tightly pulling the braid against the long tail

Step 5

Now, push this braid up a bit so it’s looser on top of your head, and wrap the ends around the base ponytail.

secure the hair under a high ponytail

Secure the braided section in place by wrapping the ends around the ponytail and then adding a hair tie to it.

bobby pin that slides into the long ponytail to secure the braid

If desired, you can now tease or curl the hair as it hangs down to give it more texture and volume.

loose braid ponytail on brown hair

What Should I Add To This Ponytail To Make It More Elegant?

I really like how it takes a boring ponytail and makes it look special. While it’s great for casual days, you can definitely elevate it to a style that’s appropriate for any occasion or work occasion. Below are some ideas to add to the ponytail that will make it more elegant and won’t require much work on your part.

  • Curl the hanging ponytail into ringlets for a more sophisticated look.
  • Add a decorative comb to the end of the tail behind the braid.
  • French braid this section instead of a fishtail braid for a more structured look.
  • Wrap a ribbon around the ponytail for added color.
  • Insert beaded pins or clips into the front braid or top of the ponytail.
fishtail braid on top of a high ponytail

Easier Braided Hairstyles

Braids are an option for my long hair, but I’m tired of the same thing every day. If you’re the same way, you might like some of the ideas below. For medium-length or long hair, these ideas are a good option to give you variety from your routine. View and bookmark the ones you like. You can also print out the tutorials or pin them to a hairstyle board on Pinterest so they’re easy to find when you’re ready to style your hair.

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