Borrowers Reboot Movie Is In Progress From Universal

Universal Pictures has done a live-action reboot of The Borrowers from The Addams Family director Conrad Vernon and scriptwriter Patrick Burleigh.

A reboot feature The Borrowers continued Universal Pictures. Mary Norton’s 1952 novel about a family of small scavengers, or “borrowers,” living inside an English manor house has been remodeled in the past. Live-action movies, BBC series, and even a The Studio Ghibli award with strong cottagecore vibes Everyone tried to capture the magic of Norton’s novel – which had largely positive consequences.

Now, Deadline reports a new version of The Borrowers is under the making of Universal Pictures. Conrad Vernon (The Addams Family, Sausage Party) is set to host a script from Patrick Burleigh, who is writing in the future Peter Rabbit 2. Also on board is Working Title Films, which made the 1997 adaptation of The Borrowers starring John Goodman. That film is the latest live-action feature to adapt to Norton’s famous Clock family, and it grossed $ 22.6 million at the U.S. box office.

The Borrowers movie

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How many are Universal The Borrowers borrowings from past character acquisitions will remain visible, although they can also be live-action. Live-action films centered on small characters have a hard time making a lot of noise later, however, in Led by Jack Black in 2010 Gulliver’s Travels and 2017 is more dour reduces boasted Rotten Tomatis’s less-than-strong score and financial return. Hopefully Burleigh’s experience as an unrecorded story consultant will be a notable exception to that rule, in 2018 Ant Man and the Wasp, help Universal’s The Borrowers avoid any serious pratfalls whenever they come.

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Source: Deadline

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