Botched Preview: Why You Shouldn’t Rent a Doc from a Billboard

Lots of red flags.

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s June 22 episode Botched, Sara details his nose trip to work, which included a visit to a plastic surgeon who advertised his work on a billboard. Every new patient, he or she suffers from a broken nose in a third-grade struggle.

“I mean, I’m still young,” he shares with the doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif. “I didn’t care how I looked until I started using social media to meet people.”

As Sara said, she had no problem talking to people, but she made sure there was no certainty when it was time to meet. He added, “I was like, ‘What will they say about my nose?'”

Thus, when he saw a billboard for a plastic surgeon, he decided to book a consultation. However, Sara now knows that the billboard could be a red flag about this surgeon.

“If your plastic surgeon is good, will he advertise himself on a billboard?” Dubrow says Botched camera “Got boobs? Any butts? Have liposuction? He has no patients. “

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