BOTW Player Celebrates New Year With Fireworks Using Farosh’s Scales

A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player recently uploaded a festive video for the New Year, which includes fireworks using Farosh’s Scales.

Ring in 2022, a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild The player uploads a video showing in-game fireworks-a mechanic made possible due to a creative use of a remote bomb and multiple Farosh’s Scales. Breath of the Wild Players have discovered a variety of creative ways to improve the game – a result of his devoted fanbase looking for more ways to enjoy Zelda installment beyond its gameplay trajectory. In fact, even if it reaches 100% completion, Breath of the Wild still full of activities and objectives to be studied by the players.

One such added feature is to create unique visual displays using fireworks Breath in the Wild’s parts of the dragon. Breath of the Wild there are three dragons roaming around different areas on the game map. The Dinraal, the red dragon, is found in the Akkala Region; green dragon Farosh lives in Faron Region; and the Lanayru Region is home to Naydra, the blue dragon. Last January, a player discovered that placing dragon scales on top of a bomb, pushing it into the air with Revali’s Gale and then detonating the bomb caused a lot of fireworks -like flashes to scatter in the sky. . Now, another player has used this mechanic to celebrate the New Year.


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Reddit user Im_Crep recently uploaded a nice video showing the dragon-parts-fireworks strategy, which rings in 2022 at Breath-in-the-Wild-style. Im_Crep first put several Farosh Scales on top of a bomb, and then flew into the sky with Revali’s Gale. Their playful Link then flew away in the rush of the wind and detonated the bomb behind him, causing the scales to scatter in the air and glow like fireworks. The show is a perfect way to celebrate 2022, and the in-game celebrations are perfect amidst today’s social retreat measures and safety precautions.

Celebrating holidays within video games is a great way to enjoy and commemorate special occasions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. New Year’s Eve is no exception, with many players bringing in video games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Minecraft in commemoration of the arrival of 2022. One Animal Crossing player celebrates the New Year at the Town Hall on their island, was attacked by a fool – causing their celebration to be suddenly interrupted. Although the celebration may not be in real life, at least scorpion attack is in the game.

Im_Crep’s unique fireworks display Breath of the Wild is a strong reminder for all the discovered – and still undiscovered – mechanics throughout the Nintendo title. Zelda Titles are often full of hidden gems, fun glitches etc .; so that fans of the series can explore every corner of its titles to find good methods for celebrations like this.

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Source: Im_Crep/Reddit

January 2022 Video Game Releases

January 2022 Video Game Releases

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