Brandon Accuses Julia of Holding Back To Keep the Marriage Going

Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina have a bad relationship. Some fans thought Brandon intentionally restrained Julia so she couldn’t leave.

Julia Trubkina and Brandon Gibbs face marital hurdles 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human?, but some viewers accused the American of deliberately restraining his wife so she wouldn’t leave it. Franchise fans sparked a conversation about Julia not being in Brandon’s league, which may be why Brandon now lives with the dancer on his parents ’farm in Dinwiddie, Virginia. Spectators had previously rallied behind Julia when he expressed a desire to move to Vegas, and they already called Brandon for his habit.

the 90 Day Fiancé The couple now wants different things, because town girl Julia loves Vegas while traveling. Brandon shut down the idea of ​​moving to Sin City and suggested they move to Richmond, Virginia so they could get out of the farm but they could just continue with his job. Fans have long criticized Julia living on her parents ’farm for the hectic life she has returned to Russia. The brunette beauty was revealed to be a rival bodybuilder dating a torn and handsome man named Evgeny Dmitrievich. In contrast, many viewers were underwhelmed by Brandon and his mom’s masculine persona. This has led some people to doubt Brandon’s intentions to stay in Virginia.

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In a look took to Reddit to discuss if Brandon wasn’t in Julia’s league and if Brandon restrained his wife. “Why is he even acting when he’s not in Julia’s league, “wrote the user.”It was as if he was putting her especially when it came to English so that she could drop her level. He could have been supportive and suggested school and so on but it’s mostly left to your broken English line. I don’t think he wanted to move to a big city because he would meet someone else. He knew the best bet for him was to keep the field.“Many commentators have stated that they believe Julia is not in Brandon’s league and the American restrained him so as not to leave him for anyone at his level.

Commentators have generally stated that Julia is not in Brandon’s league. “He’s not in his league. This Herbie dentist elf from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is combined with a hot body,“a fan observed. In the past, Brandon recognized his resemblance to the Christmas elf. Many expressed that the couple’s marriage appears to be eternal. “He will only suffer long enough to get his green card. He knows he can live without him,“another commentator wrote.” I Imagine he has more dreams than he can give, “another person observed.

Users also matched between Brandon and Julia and fellow Russian American couple Jorge Nava and Anfisa Archipenko, who are already separated. “He looks like Jorge and how Jorge treats Anfisa. If the fiancee is still on the other side of the world, they make many vows: Yes, we will move to a beautiful house wherever you want, I will give you whatever you want, it will be fun. Afterwards the bridegroom came and whispered ‘why aren’t you thankful for what you have? You are selfish and unreasonable, ‘“One commentator observed. Many fans believe Julia is always unhappy living on a farm. They consider her relationship with Brandon on the farm to have a limited shelf life.

Commentators have previously urged Julia to follow in the footsteps of fellow franchisee Paola Mayfield and move to a town she would love without her husband. In Paola’s case, she was followed by her partner Russ Mayfield to Miami to be with her. Even if Brandon insists he can be realistic in financial situations, viewers don’t think that’s unreasonable for Julia wanting to move to a big city like Las Vegas. Many spectators supported the Russian dancer who lived her dream and Brandon didn’t stop. Season 6 on 90 Day Fiancé: Are You Happy Human? hopefully see the couple agree on their living situation or act their way differently.

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