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Yesterday, I shared that our breakfast bar can now be a reclining chair for the future (until we build the addition in the back of our house). If you missed that post, you can click here to read all about it. I thought of a rug for a few days (since our recliners arrived and I put them inside) because it’s not a room where Matt has to use his wheelchair, and last night decided I think the room definitely needs floor color.

So I went to my place to go to the place for the books to see what I could find. I always go to Overstock for rags because they carry a wide selection of Safavieh area rugs. That’s the brand that is in my living room, I know it’s a tried and true brand for me. I love that they have a wide selection of different colored polyester rags (which will last a long time and are easy to clean) and very low clusters (which is great if Matt wants to wheel his wheelchair with rags). Plus, they’re not expensive.

I would never pay a fortune for a good book because (1) I changed my mind and wanted to keep things moving, (2) I had a 100 pound pound that I wanted to spend. many hours outdoors, and then get in and do a whole lot of running, jumping, and spinning, and (3) Matt likes to walk around the backyard in his wheelchair, and then get in and leave the tracks anywhere he will go. That’s why inexpensive, durable, and easily cleanable polyester rugs are a must for our home.

When I decorated the breakfast room many years ago, my biggest regret when it was done was that I didn’t use any warm colors there. It’s strictly a purple, green, tola color palette.

I love it, but those are the days when I just come up with warm colors and know what life they add to an atmosphere. For all my love of teal and green (and purple, which was new to me in the past), I know I prefer colors when balanced with at least a few warm colors. Pinks are my favorite, but I’m also attracted to oranges and yellows.

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This is my chance to correct that handling and inject some much-needed heat next to my tea kitchen and indoor breakfast with purple buffet and benches. With that in mind, here are a few that caught my eye.

It’s almost my top pick, and if I were just going to go for the manufacturer’s product photos, I would pick it up. But there are a lot of customer photos of this rug, and the colors aren’t as vivid. It’s still very good, but not really what I like.

SAFAVIEH Crystal Floretta Vintage Boho Medallion Rug in Orange / Teal

It also comes in colors with the most brick edge. I love it too, but I thought there might be too much brick just next to my tea kitchen.

Safavieh-Crystal-Floretta-Vintage-Boho-Medallion-Rug (1)
SAFAVIEH Crystal Floretta Vintage Boho Medallion Rug in Teal / Orange

And it also comes in colors that I love.

SAFAVIEH Crystal Floretta Vintage Boho Medallion Rug in Light Blue / Fuschia

This one is a different brand, but it seems to fit all my requirements. However, each of the customer photos makes the colors much darker than they appear here.

Caressa Vintage Boho Area Rug in Multi

I also like this same rug in these colors. Sadly, the dimensions to act on our sin are already sitting.

Caressa Vintage Boho Area Rug in Garnet

Then who do I choose? It’s funny, because based solely on the photos above, I chose the one that was so less (least for me) that I would choose. But I chose the third light blue and fuschia.


I’m sure I liked it! This is not my choice based solely on the manufacturer’s product photos. But when I look at customer-uploaded photos, it’s the one that keeps catching my eye on everyone else. So we’ll see how it’s done. I think this is the first time I’ve been more influenced by customer photos than manufacturer photos, and hopefully the judgment doesn’t bite me in the end.

Of course, if I don’t like it, I’ll turn it back on and take another of the options upstairs. But one thing I’m sure of is that I know I loved this opportunity to inject some warm colors into that room. Everyone needs it (in my humble opinion), but I don’t want to do it again just for the sake of changing when there are so many other issues and projects I need. So I can thank Matt this time! 😀

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