Breaking Bad Star Thinks Walt Jr. Become A Drug Kingpin

Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte reveals what happened to Walt Jr. after the finale, making fun of the fact that his character could be a drug kingpin.

bad Star RJ Mitte explains why he thinks Walt Jr. could end up being a drug kingpin. By Vince Gilligan, bad Tells the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston), an unauthorized high school chemistry teacher who resorts to cooking and selling crystal meth with his former student Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) after graduation diagnosed with stage-three lung cancer. The AMC series is especially popular with the way it runs, which leads to the spinoff Better Call Saul and the next movie The way.

Born with cerebral palsy, characterized by speech difficulties and impaired motor control, Walt Jr. (Mitte) is all over bad. He was later separated from his father and approached by his Uncle Hank. Fans are never given a complete window into life’s Walt Jr., left many fans wondering what was going on in character. While promoting his new film Winning, in which he plays a teenager with cerebral palsy who dreams of the future of struggle, Mitte offers a theory.

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In a conversation with Esquire, Mitte reflected on what Walt Jr. had done after bad end. Ridiculing the possibility that his character was following in his father’s footsteps by becoming a drug kingpin, he explained that the disrespect Walt Jr. experienced. to his father great change. You can read Mitte’s quote below:


Even if the actor is talking about humor, it’s interesting to think about how the events of the AMC drama shaped Walt Jr. The character in the end is a big part of why Walter decided to take the serious step, arguing that he should provide for his family and especially for his son. However, even if that is the driving force behind the story, Walt Jr. somewhat sidelined. Part of it is intentional, as Jesse became the object of a surrogate son to Walter at points. In one scene, Walter even mentions Walt Jr. as Jesse. However, despite the intent and enthusiasm of the writing, the practical impact has always been felt by Walt Jr. as a minor character despite Mitte’s status as a regular cast member.

It would have been nice to see him hanging out with Jesse, since the two never met during the show, and it would have been worthwhile to spend a few episodes tapping into the significantly changed relationship between father and son. . Given how good bad wrapped up, and that the writers give Walt Jr. a few moments that are clear at the end, it’s hard to turn more brutally in Walt Jr.’s portrayal. Despite the laughter aimed at Mitte’s response, he wasn’t entirely wrong: his character could easily end up on one side of the law or the other. The show was allowed for the same possibility, and a few more, though it was never explored Son of Walter with enough depth to speak for specific.

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