Breathing Spiritual Life into Your Marriage

As followers of Christ, we believe that marriage is a symbol of something spiritual and sacred. on Ephesians 5:32, the apostle Paul calls marriage a “mystery” and compares it to Jesus ’relationship with the Church.

That’s why most of us allow ourselves to be distracted by most of life instead of soaking up the depth of the relationship. There is so much to do that we put our weddings and our children on autopilot as we pursue even more important things.

Is there a way for believers to breathe spiritual life back into their marriage?

Author Gary Thomas joins us on our Focus on Family Broadcast “Breathing Spiritual Life into Your Marriage”To answer the question. He joined us the first year at a special chapel event here on our campus. We interviewed him on stage before the live audience of about 40 couples who are special friends on Focus on the Family.

As you can hear, Gary encourages couples to base their marriages on a solid foundation, which is the Word of God. The popular ideas of love, attractiveness, and passion are self -centered. They become about “me” instead of “us.” They alienate us from God’s plan for what marriage can and should be.

We express our love for God by expressing our love to each other. Self -interest can motivate us to marriage, but God uses marriage to draw us save of greed.

If your marriage needs a new breath of spiritual life, I urge you to adapt to our program. Gary will encourage you to look beyond your own lustful desires to create a loving, connected, and close marriage. Listen to our full conversation with you local radio station, online, sa iTunes, by Podcast, or our free phone app.

While you’re online, why not take a few minutes to try out our free Marriage Examination using online? This will help you determine how good your relationship is and identify areas where you may need improvement.

I would also like to invite you to give ministry through us by giving generously so that we can respond to the hundreds of thousands of couples who contact us for help and resources for their families. We need you, and I look forward to the ongoing collaboration!

For a gift of any amount, I will send you a copy of Gary Thomas ’book A Lifetime of Love: Discovering How to Draw Close to God to Breathe the Sorrow in Your Marriage. Visit our website or call us at 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).

And remember that now is that Bring Your Bible to School Day. If you’re not familiar with this, Bring Your Bible to School Day is a nationwide, student-led event that has been observed by hundreds of thousands of students from more than 50,000 schools across the country. Today’s events are designed for two purposes: first, to share the Bible’s message of love and grace. And second, to celebrate freedom of religion and freedom of speech in the United States. You can find a lot of resources and a lot of information HERE. We have too Do This Challenge, which will empower you to enter the Word of God with your children. All details are visible HERE.

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