Britney Spears Shares The Meaning Behind Her Justin Timberlake Post

Britney Spears making it clear that he had no poisonous intentions.

The pop star explained the meaning behind his deleted post on January 17 on Instagram, which shows a throwback photo of her and ex Justin Timberlake wearing matching basketball uniforms.

“The pic with my ex is a time where there’s less confusion on what it means to be together,” he wrote in his Instagram Story January 19. “It is what it is!!!”

The day after posting the throwback with Justin, she also shared a snippet of herself getting tattooed in Mauialthough he hid the ink from fans “because it was a mistake.

Despite the reports suggests the bad tattoo is related to his message about Justin, Britney—who is married Sam Asghari in June 2022—set the record straight by saying the two posts are unrelated.

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