Britney Spears unfollowed Her Sister Jamie Lynn Spears on Instagram

Two months before the conservatorship ended, Jamie was suspended as Britney’s co-conservator on her $ 57 million estate, a transfer of his mother and his ex-wife Lynne endorsed, saying she believes she “can’t” put their child’s interests ahead of her own.

He later said of a statement through his lawyer, “For 13 years, [Mr. Spears] tried to do what was on [Britney’s] best interests, whether as a conservator or his father … For anyone trying to help a family member deal with mental health issues, they can appreciate the huge amount of the day-to-day worry and work it requires. For you Mr. Spears, it also means sticking her tongue out and not responding to all the lies, speculation, and baseless attacks on her by some member of the public, media, or more recently, Britney’s own lawyer. “

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