Broadway to Reopen in September at Full Capacity

After more than a year of darkness due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Broadway finally its phases will shine again this fall. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that the Symbols Broadway theater in New York City will also open Sept. 14 at full capacity.

“Broadway is central to our New York recognition, and a large portion of our economy employs countless performers and show producers, and starting this September, the show will continue,” he said. Governor Cuomo. “Visitors from all over the world came to New York to experience the arts and culture and see the iconic Broadway performances, and sadly, the pandemic put this unique New York experience in jeopardy. to stop.Thankfully, as we continue to monitor the data and also open up our economy, we are now on track to allow the full demonstration of Broadway’s capacity to continue in September, bringing back the expensive attraction world famous. ”

In his statement, Cuomo clarified that the state will work with Broadway industry partners to plan for a safe return. Including keeping updated and updated on applied hygiene protocols such as face masks, hygiene filters, improved air filtration and ventilation, and vigorous cleaning and disinfection.

Tickets for upcoming Broadway shows – including the likes of mainstays Hamilton and bad and even more new productions such as Jagged Little Pill and To Kill a Mockingbird – will go on sale tomorrow, May 6 through and other outlets. If performances need to be released due to public health conditions in the fall, theaters are ready to offer returns and customer exchange policies.

Originally Broadway healing on March 12th, 2020 with plans to also open on Labor Day. However, to clarify that COVID-19 is still ongoing and vaccines have not been used before, officials chose to continue the theater district shut until 2021. As such, The Broadway League, a marketing association of producers and theater owners, has suspended all ticket sales for New York City productions until May.

Last summer, Hamilton is released at Disney +, making the uniquely hard-to-watch event more accessible for curious fans around the world. Meanwhile, the theater organizers are developing some interesting new productions, including a Game of Thrones play and an adaptation of Good Gatsby with music by Florence Welch. As if that might actually happen even more so now that Broadway is open as well.

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