Brody Dalle Asks Not to Be Criticized for Contempt for Custody Fight with Josh Homme

The DistillersBrody Dalle Asks not guilty of a contempt charge in connection with her current fight in the custody of her ex-husband Josh Male, As Rolling Stone reports. A Los Angeles judge said he intended to order the monitoring equipment placed in the home of the same parent on Friday (Oct. 15).

the accusation of contempt originated Sept. 3, when Dalle allegedly violated their mutual care agreement by not entrusting the children to Homme’s care. Next week, Dalle submits for restraining orders against Homme for their sons 5 and 10 years of age. The filing cites Homme’s alleged conduct and verbal abuse, as an accusation of drinking and driving, to support the petition.

After September, Homme was allowed keep in touch with his sons through video calls. Homme has another 15 -year -old daughter who now has her own order to be protected against him, as Rolling Stone notes

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