Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Feels “Sad and Sad” on Her Birthday

Bruce Williswife Emma Heming Willis shared an emotional message on her husband’s birthday.

the Die Hard star turned 68 on March 19, a month after his family announced his diagnosis frontotemporal dementiawhich can cause communication difficulties.

“Today is one of those days that feels sad and sad,” Emma wrote Instagram. “But the silver lining or the other side is that I am so lucky to feel your warmth and love towards my husband and our family. I see your messages, your stories that you share, and the all I can say is thank you. You. Your connection helped me and I hope it helps you in some small way to know that I see you and understand your journey too. #ftdawareness #griefshare #dementiaawareness #gratefullness”

Emma, ​​​​44, also included a video message in her post. “So today is my husband’s birthday,” she said. “I started the morning by crying, as you can see by my swollen eyes and smelly nose. I just thought it was important that you see all sides of it.”

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