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L Shape Rotating Desk Configuration

This desk system can be configured in many ways. It can be placed on the wall, or freestanding in the middle of the room because it is finished on all sides.

Corner configuration: The table arranged as a corner table, against the wall

peninsula desk modern style white

Peninsula Configuration: All the sides of all the pieces of the table are finished, so it can be configured as an L-shaped table in the center of a room. The seat can be placed on both sides of the desktop.

l shape table configuration

Room Centered: This table is finished on all sides, so it can be placed in the center of the room – it does not need to be placed against the wall.

desk media wall modern style airbnb hotel room ideas

Desk and TV Straight Configuration: If you need a desk and TV on the same wall, placed upright, this desk system can deliver both, and adjust the size for a perfect fit. We use this configuration for an Airbnb rental, so the room has a desk and tv, but it seems to be put together.

free table plans white corner l-shape

Why I Built This Table

I needed a 12 foot tall wall system that provided a desk and media center, along with some storage, for an Airbnb rental project. I’ve been wanting to make a corner or L-shaped rotating desk for a long time, and thought this would be the perfect push to do this giant desk project.

I love this modern style, it was inspired by a Pottery Barn Desk that sold for $1800 (for the smaller size), I was able to build it for about $200.

If I had done the cabinetry, it would have been more expensive and more work. This is an excellent solution that looks and works very well.

How I Made It Big

This table is definitely not an easy project – it’s big. My husband helped me, we both set the table in one afternoon. Sanding and painting took another day, working on and off as the coats of paint dried. You can solve it in a week.

Here are the basic steps –

Tearing Tablesaw

You will need a tablesaw to do a good job on this project. You saved $1600+ by building it yourself, it’s a big, beautiful piece – invest in a tablesaw.

Both sheets of plywood should be torn into 6 pieces, each 15-3/4 inches wide. Rip widths should be equal.

The 2x4s had to be ripped twice, so the rounded edges were removed and the 2×4 width was 3″. I ran the boards first at 3-1/4″ and then ran the second side through the fence. placed at 3″.

rip 2x4s on the tablesaw

Assembly with Pocket Hole

For a professional looking project, pocket holes are the way to go. This is the same method used by furniture and cabinet companies. It’s a miracle you can make pocket holes at home with a $100 tool.

Pocket holes give you precision and hidden fasteners that will last over time.

build the desktop

First I made the two tabletop pieces. These are 3/4″ plywood framed with ripped 2x4s.

build a table

Then I attached the “legs” and inserted the plywood panels.

adding shelves to the table

From there, I placed the shelves between the legs and the 1×3 bottom trim. I also included 1×3 bottom trim with pocket holes on the bottom of the shelf.

desk trim

The final step is to attach the 1×2 trim to the shelf faces. I used 1-1/4″ brad nails and wood glue.

building a floating desk top

The desktop pieces I built the same way. This method is very powerful – we tested it.

To finish the inside of the leg we added cleats with 1-1/4″ brad nails

that white DIY desk build

And then it was covered with plywood. I used 1/4″ plywood (we ran out of 3/4″) but the plans called for 3/4″.

Finish the Desk

The ending is a big deal. It takes me as long to finish a project as to create it.

that white DIY desk build

There are some nail holes to fill. We filled them with wood filler and let them dry.

The entire project was sanded with 120 grit sandpaper.

I rounded the outer edges a bit with a sander, sharp knife edges can easily gouge.

I used a mini roller and brush for painting corners. It takes three light coats. A light, fine grit sanding is done between coats for a smoother finish.

white painted table

Modern L Shaped Rotating Desk Plans

Here are free plans to build this table. You can easily change the sizes to fit your space and needs too.

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