Burning Man’s Mayan Warrior Uses Blockchain Tech to Fund Art On The Playa – EDM.com

Fans of the legendary Burning Man metropolis and its devoted Mayan Warrior community have a new way to preserve future prospects on and off the playa.

Blockchain technology has long been hailed as a more transparent and cost-effective method of fundraising. Now the Mayan Warrior, one of the world’s leading artistic communities embraces its possibilities.

The organization, which operates as a 501(c)(3), announced the “Mayan Warrior Amulet,” an offering of digital assets to directly support the artistic endeavors that have built the community into a creative powerhouse over the past decade. By purchasing blockchain-powered assets, community members can directly fund artists to help “create, transport, and display their live interactive art on the playa and their performances,” according to a press release shared by EDM.com.

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