Caitlyn Jenner Blasted for Talking to Tone-Deaf Hannity

Amid Caitlyn Jenner’s run for public office, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum offended most in her most recent political interview.

Caitlyn Jenner sat down with Sean Hannity in the middle of her run for Governor of California where she put her controversial vision on the entire show. the Continuing with the Kardashians The alum harassed the public after speaking out against trans women in sport, homelessness, and other issues he deemed worthy of the topic. As Caitlyn continues her campaign to remind Governor Gavin Newsom, there appears to have been a lot of opposition to her entering office.

In the past two weeks since announcing her campaign, Caitlyn’s three sons have expressed their embarrassment, Kim Kardashian told how she was upset by Caitlyn’s views on prison reform, and called her to public recent comments on transgender community. Even though she announced her own change in 2015, Caitlyn struggled to garner support from the LGBTQ + community because of her “traditional “ conservative views. In his Republican pride, Sean Hannity welcomed him with open arms on his Fox News show.

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The reality star appeared HAPPINESS last week where he made his official debut as a candidate for governor. His choice to appear on the platform seems to reflect his intentions to dedicate himself to his pro-Donald Trump audience on the right. He further expressed his support for the former commander-in-chief during their conversation, “What I like about Donald Trump is he’s a disruptor, you know,” as he said. “He came in and shook the system, OK,” he said, Deadline reports. He also defended Trump’s controversial wall hanging in response to illegal immigration. “I am all for the wall, I will make the wall strong, ” according to him. “There is no state, no country without a sure wall. “

But reiterating her view of transgender women competing in women’s sport, and homelessness in Los Angeles that a lot of rub the wrong way. Afterwards told how he wanted to “sulondan “ for the trans community, Hannity reminded him of what upset so many people with him in his latest remarks. “That’s it, I don’t care. I continue, “ Caitlyn replied. He immediately remembered one of his friends who moved to Arizona to avoid seeing the growing issue of homelessness in LA. “My friends are leaving California,” he said, adding that they “I can’t take it anymore. I can’t walk the streets and see the homeless. ‘“He recounted how he had the option of”stay and fight, or I’ll get out of here. ”

That reporter, Aaron Rupar, shared the interview clips on Twitter, Caitlyn became the target of public outcry. “California would be some crazy if they thought of putting Jenner in the governor’s seat,” said someone. “what is more trustworthy than to leave your hangar-mate because of their anger at the poor, “ added another. If Caitlyn’s current interview is a test build a strong support standard, the Continuing the Kardashians stars want to think a different way. People are talking and it’s not in Caitlyn’s favor.

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Origin: Deadline, Aaron Rupar

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