Camille Kostek’s Size-inclusive Swimwear is Perfect for Summer Activity

Swimming by Camille Kostek X For Everyone with Movemeant Foundation to provide individualized offerings to young women and girls who are “interested in pursuing their activity and talent in their chosen modality, from in-studio classes such as dance and yoga to tem sports. like basketball and softball. “

Camille, who was formerly a cheerleader with the New England Patriots, shared, “I learned early on how important exercise is for our bodies and the empowering effect that physical strength has on our minds. when I learned about the Movemeant Foundation, I immediately felt connected to their message and compelled to be a part of it. “

Camille told E !, “It was an amazing experience to put on this collection from plot meetings, to model cast and shoot. It was most rewarding to see my vision come to life in a effortless way. One aspect of this collection that I am most excited about is that 10% of the proceeds, up to $ 25,000, from my collection will be donated to the Movemeant Foundation, a non-profit organization that educates women and girls who health and physical activity are essential to the opening up to the values ​​of self-confidence, resilience, commitment, balance and community. “

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