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You can’t guess that from “Holy Spider”. Ali Abbasithe Iranian -born director who made Border“The Swedish-Danish fantasy film is from 2018. The making of the film itself focuses on a somewhat pedestrian style of the crime film. The force of the film almost all comes from moral anger. Which is chilling, with the child being. male killer character who offers a defense of his father’s efficiency in removing society’s “corrupt women.” “Holy Spider” isn’t a good movie, but it’s a worthwhile one to hurt.

In Frenchby Valeria Bruni Tedeschi Eternal Youth called “Les Amandiers,” a better title, because it was inspired by Bruni Tedeschi’s experiences in the 1980s training as an artist at the Théâtre des Amandiers, just outside Paris. And maybe it will add to the strength of the cast’s youth-Nadia Tereszkiewicz the lead, Stella, who seems to replace Bruni Tedeschi — but the film races from one success to another. Stella and her friends were about to join the school when they were suddenly in New York to practice Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. They suddenly returned to France. Drugs immediately enter the picture, and Stella’s boyfriend, Etienne (Sofiane Bennacer), suffers a long and predictable reduction in heroin.

More interesting is Louis Garrel’s turn as Patrice Chéreau, the real -life stage and screen director (“intimacy“) who died in 2013. In the film, Chéreau filmed this troupe of Chekhov’s” Platonov “, hoping that his young actors would bring interesting inflections to an early Chekhov play.” Forever Young “sometimes seems to look at its own characters through a rosy tint of nostalgia. Initially, when a group of 40 aspiring actors was reduced to 12, none of the major characters would fail. to make the cut.There was a strange little fight between the parts.everyone fell in bed with each other, there was a collective fear of AIDS.But “Forever Young” is kind of the wide series comedy where that level of horror barely causes a ripple.

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