Cannes 2022: Table of Contents | Chaz in Cannes

The following table of contents contains Chaz EbertThe videos were sent from Cannes 2022, made by himself and Scott Dummler of Mint Media Works, and written by dispatch by Ben Kenigsberg, Jason Gorber, Lisa Nesselson and Barbara Scharres.

Video Submissions:

Cannes 2022 Video #1: Opening Night Welcomes Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Final Cut by Chaz Ebert

Written shipments:

An Overview of Cannes’s Official Selection Line with Digressions You Won’t Find Anywhere by Lisa Nesselson

Cannes Film Festival Preview 2022 by Barbara Scharres

Cannes 2022: Final Cut by Ben Kenigsberg

Cannes 2022: Tchaikovsky’s Wife, The Eight Mountains, Scarlet by Ben Kenigsberg

Cannes 2022: Time of Armageddon, Eo, Rodeo by Ben Kenigsberg

Cannes 2022: A Good Morning, Brother and Sister, Mariupolis 2 by Ben Kenigsberg

Cannes 2022: Fest Launches with Zombies, Art Movies, and Maverick by Jason Gorber

Cannes 2022: Triangle of Sorrow, RMN, Three Thousand Years of Longing by Ben Kenigsberg

Cannes 2022: Holy Spider, Forever Young, Aftersun by Ben Kenigsberg

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