Captain America’s Forgotten Substitute is a Super Sailor

Lots of attempts to replace Captain America, and Super Sailor definitely stands out as one of the most unique versions!

There are a number of individuals who take turns Captain America for many years, but nothing could be more remarkable than a clone of the Cap made by the Office of Naval Intelligence aimed at “Super Sailor. ”The character is famous in 14 issues of Christopher Priest and Bart Sears Captain America and the Falcon title from the early 2000s.

Captain America is a moral compass of the Marvel Universe, a hero that everyone looks up to and whose example they follow. The Marvel Universe needs Captain America, so if something happened to him someone else stepped up and took the shield. USAgent AKA John Walker, one of the most famous. Winter Soldier and Falcon both exchanged words that also became Star-Spangled Avenger. All three bring their own character spin, and Super Sailor is no different.

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Like Captain America before Super Soldier Serum, Super Sailor is a childish flair; her lover died in the Oklahoma City Bombing. Desiring to avenge him by pursuing American enemies, the boy attempts to enroll, to which he is immediately denied admission. The next day, he was approached by members of Naval Intelligence who wanted to talk to him about his future. Naval Intelligence wants to make one Their own Super Soldiers, but without access to Serum, they tried other methods, including implants and unlike AVX, the chemical that powers Luke Cage. Upon completion of the process, Super Sailor is sent on dangerous missions, but is soon taken over, and it is up to the real Captain America and the Falcon to bring him down.

Everyone who wears Captain America’s shield carries their role, and Super Sailor is no different. Chapter America was inspired by a love of his country and a desire to punish evil; the Super Sailor is very similar, she is the only one motivated by revenge and a desire to punish those who killed her lover. In short, he lacked Captain America’s moral code and it was later shown that he had become evil. Neither does he Super Soldier Serum given the Cap at his edge.

Super Sailor’s real name is unknown, and he will later be called Anti-Cap. Unlike other iterations of Captain America, Super Sailor was born into tragedy and exploited by forces he could not control; he also lacks many of the traits that make him a great hero of Cap. the Super Sailor All is forgotten, but he ranks as one of the most interesting attempts to replace. Captain America.

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