Caribou has released Daphni Alias ​​for the New Song “Cherry”: Listen

Caribouof Dan Snaith returned to his first song as Daphnis in 3 years. Listen to “Cherry” below. “Nothing says love like an endless spiraling polyrhythm on an FM synth,” Snaith said in a press release. “Making this track is just a matter of getting the snake to eat its own tail.”

“Cherry” follows 2019’s “Sizzlin ‘”A cover of the 1981 song Paradise“Sizzlin ‘Hot”; Snaith also released a Caribou song called “You Can Do It” with a video full of dogs last year. Joli MaiDaphni’s latest album, came out in 2017. The visuals of the “Cherry” video were done by Damien Roach, aka @555×5555.


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