Carly Waddell Talks to Herself “Towards Staying Alive” Amid Health Fears

On Monday, June 14, Carly’s ex, Evan Bass, was the first to announce that he was hospitalized.

“Carly’s first ambulance ride-she’ll be ok and, I’m very much, it brings back memories,” Evan captioned what he posted at the time, along with a photo of Carly lying in a hospital bed. “Thank you for all the prayers and support. After 9 hours we left the hospital but he is still in fairly moderate shape and needs to return. The ongoing thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated. And know he said he was loved. “

He later added, “I know you want to know what happened but it’s his health and story to tell if he wants to share. (I got his permission to share the photo from the beginning to relax. Jan from Wisconsin.) In All the Madness, he lost his phone and had to rest to make it a bit. “

In her Instagram video, Carly expressed how grateful she is to have Evan by her side at all times.

The exes, who divided in December 2020, sharing two children together.

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