Cassie Randolph Breaks Regular Skincare

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Even with her unfiltered content, no makeup within social media, The Bachelor alum Cassie Randolph seems to have perfect skin. Well, no one really has “perfect skin,” but Cassie sure has a regular activity. However, for now YouTube video, she admits, “I’m not an expert in skincare. I just do what works for me and I’ve been using these same products for a long time, given importance,” they don’t work for everyone. “That’s always a good denial, but it’s also good to hear from someone who always uses the same products. For example, Cassie uses the same colored sunscreen since junior high school. It’s no more consistent than that.

In addition to being a tried and true favorite, he shared a product protected the skin from the blue light exposure we encountered through our phones and computers, which was that’s it necessary for most of us.

Cassie’s morning skincare routine consists of nine products that she regularly weaves “from the thinnest to the thickest” about consistency. Keep scrolling to find out the products she uses each morning (in order) along with her application tips for the face, neck, chest, hands, and ears. Yes, even the ears. She is thorough with her skincare regime and it definitely works for her.

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