Cassie Randolph Shares Beauty Secrets and Her Favorite Products on Amazon

E !: Do you have any skincare insights or application tips that we need to incorporate into our routine?
CR: My mom told me to apply skincare products to thin from the thinnest to the thickest. I think it will absorb into your skin more like this.

It is also a good idea to take time between placing each product so that it is more effectively absorbed.

I use my ring finger to apply skincare products because they have the least amount of pressure.

If I have any extra product from a moisturizer or something, I never wipe it off or throw it away. Instead I put it around my neck or on the back of my hands. I don’t want to waste any products.

Always wear sunscreen, every day, even if you don’t go out. You can catch the sun’s rays through the window. Make sure you put sunscreen on your ears. Many people neglect the ears. My mother reminded me to put sunscreen on my ears. Don’t neglect your sunscreen.

Beauty really starts from the inside. Getting enough sleep, hydrating and having a healthy diet is essential. If I don’t get enough sleep, my skin will really suffer. When I drink a ton of water I feel really good and my skin feels really good. My sister Michelle [Randolph], his girlfriend Gregg [Sulkin], and I have it all inspiring bottle of water.

E !: When I saw your mom on The Bachelor, I legitimately think you have a sister because she’s young to look at. What did she teach you about skincare?
CR: She will teach me basically everything I have known about skincare since my childhood. She has a degree in dietetics and nutrition, so she is always in good health and fitness. Skincare is a natural growth of interests. Even when I was a little kid, I remember it was all about sunscreen. He just taught me all these little tricks, like knowing what fingers to put on your skincare products, so there’s a little bit of pressure on the skin, ring finger. He did too many research too. She loved it so much and she gave that love to me and my sister Michelle.

E !: Do you have any jewelry gift giving ideas or stocking items?
CR: Definitely a lip product. A jade roller also a good gift. I would say a craft because I love my ship. I use it all the time, whenever my skin feels bad. Hair clips, I feel like you can’t have a lot of hair clips.

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