Castlevania Season 4 Interview: Kevin Kolde

Warning: SPOILERS for Castlevania season 4.

The expected end time of Castlevania brings the story to Trevor Belmont, Sypha Benaldes, and Alucard along with an epic showdown inside Dracula’s Castle, and it’s an executive producer Kevin Kolde is proud of. Castlevania originally viewed as a two-season series, but it continued until season 4 and now there are talks about another payout.

Castlevania there may not be any spinoffs in the works, but a new series set in the same universe is being discussed on Netflix, even if the project isn’t yet in enough progress to be officially announced. Right now, fans have Castlevania season 4 to move them, and it’s an epic – a time to culminate in a video game fight between Trevor Belmont and Death.

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Screen Rant spoke with Kolde first on last season’s debut to discuss the finale, the series in a nutshell, as well as what he hopes to work on next.

I want to start at the end. Dracula is alive, which is something that is recurring in games. Can you talk about how he and Lisa were saved?

So, Lisa and Dracula are pulled from Saint Germain’s Hell using the magic of death, and they are placed in the body of Rebis where they can be found, and Death hopes that they will not be happy and will kill many people. Lots of souls to eat. Trevor destroyed the Rebis with holy water, so their soul was sent from the Rebis. That’s how they come back from Hell to the real world. And they went [back into their own bodies]. Death to death.

The other thing about the ending is that you finally bring Death – the Death character. Was that always the plan that he would go and become a kind of architect behind Dracula’s resurrection? And how much did fans play with the decision to introduce Death to everyone?

Creatively, we look at the series in two parts – season 1 and season 2 – which, you know, is meant to be told in Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse story. And then if the series continues … how will the series continue for the other two seasons? Bringing Death as the ultimate architect in the attempt to bring back Dracula has given the most meaning. We really listened to the fans, but we didn’t always listen to the fans because they always told us that Grant would bring. [Danasty] sa. We didn’t do that.

In Grant, there is a village in season 4 called Danesti – similar to Danasty – and with the character Greta, who plays an important role in season, Grant’s role is almost fulfilled. Is that all a subtle talk of Grant?

Grant may, in the game, be named after that region of Wallachia, Romania. This is a real place. It is not our intention to make a reference to Grant. We are only referring to a location in a country.

I’ve actually seen fans talk about it, but it’s good to know that it’s more of a happy accident, if any.

Yes, Grant fans have always been my favorite! They didn’t stop – in four seasons, they didn’t stop. They were like “Where’s Grant?” each time there is a new image. “Grant! Grant’s in the back!”

Castlevania Season 4 Trevor Sypha Cropping

You brought the Curse of Dracula. Overall, the Castlevania series is primarily a modification of Dracula’s Curse. What’s the rationale behind continuing the same story versus having the anime more like a combination of different games?

First of all, we deal with multiple time periods and timelines, and different Belmon or Morrisses, and to try to bring them all into one particular story can be a hassle for all of them. We chose Dracula’s Curse as the game so we could easily sort out because we felt that, from a story perspective, it had elements we could work on and come up with. So it’s always been a goal for us to focus on that.

Fortunately, we introduced the characters we were able to produce above the story base in season 3 and season 4. It felt like making your own and watching other Belmons or other stories and time periods. in the sign of Castlevania, or The universes of Castlevania, as other elements have their own.

Finally, they named the village around the castle Belmont. Until Alucard says that, I thought you’d go by the name Castlevania, based on Dracula’s castle. Have you thought about that?

No, we never thought about naming the village Castlevania. I think, you know, I’m not sure the castle will stay there. It’s broken, but in some cases, it might work. Probably not.

The first was the Castlevania series, in 2017, and Netflix didn’t have a lot of anime before. Now it’s a big platform trend. Considering Castlevania had such an impact on video games in the ’80s and’ 90s, and now the series has an impact on Netflix anime, is that something you’ve noticed especially in later times?

Surely we know the impact of the series on the way streamers, network, any animation look and animation work. I think that’s good. For me, as an animator, as a fan of animation, as someone who not only enjoys comedy but also enjoys dark fantasy and comic books and video games, class market expansion as you like, having a lot of shows like Castlevania is a good thing. So I’m glad it’s good and I’m glad people are responding to it. I hope it will just bring new, exciting, and innovative performances for adults that aren’t just situational jokes.

Now that Castlevania is over, what do you want to do – whether it’s another video game adaptation or something?

I can never make it work! My favorite video game of all time is Silent Hill 2. I know, right? I would love to see a series or movie, or any kind built around that game. It’s always been my favorite. I mean, there are a lot of many things; Metroid. Everyone is always talking about Zelda. You can keep up with a lot of games, good stories, and good characters. For me, in my animation aspirations, I don’t have much passion to be someone who makes animated video game adaptations. I’m always looking for interesting stories and interesting characters, whether it’s for kids, things for adults; whether dark fantasy or comedy. It’s good to be able to work different things.

Hector and Lenore in Castlevania Season 4

Is that what attracted you to Castlevania, as a story worthy of an adaptation?

You know, I like games; good lore. Like you said, it’s in my own wheelhouse in terms of the things I want. It has elements of horror, there is imagination, there is action; there are these things that appeal to me. I think as a producer, you’re always looking to be involved in things that appeal to you. If you don’t have love for them, if you don’t understand them, it’s even harder to have a meaningful impact on them. But really, it’s totally one of the reasons why Castlevania is something that appeals to me.

One thing about Castlevania is that it can appeal to a wide audience given the vampiric elements. Did you know about trying to give general fans in addition to video game fans to make the series?

We never tried the show just for Castlevania video game fans. Our goal has always been to create an animated black fantasy pantyhose that will appeal to some dark fantasy. Hopefully not just animation matchmakers; hopefully, to fans of that kind of storytelling. We don’t want to not bring fans to the Castlevania game, but the goal is always to reach a much wider audience than just the people playing, and to show them the show so you don’t have to play a Castlevania game to watch the show or enjoy the show.

What I want to do at the end of the conversations is to provide an open floor, if there is anything you want to talk about in the series but have never been asked the right question.

For me, I am happy and proud of everyone who worked so hard to make the Castlevania series come to life and am excited that it is accepted by the fans. I just asked that they experience season 4 and experience the end of the story. I asked – I thought they really wanted it.

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