Cate Blanchett Dances Up a Storm in New Sparks Video: Watch

Sparks shared the title track from their upcoming album, The Woman Crying into Her Latteand the stars of the music video are none other than Cate Blanchett.

In the clip, the warehouse The actor wore a bright yellow suit and giant red headphones, alternating between standing still and busting out some arm-wrestling and knee-knocking dances. . In the background, Sparks lead singer Russell Mael chills on a stool while his older brother Ron cleans up a spilled latte (get it?). Watch Sparks’ video for “The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte” below.

Talked to different, the Mael brothers said they shot the video in Los Angeles just two weeks ago after a chance meeting with Blanchett at a film festival. “When he first heard it, he said, ‘I laughed and cried at the same time,’ and I think that’s a very fitting comment about this song,” Russell said. “We didn’t even know he was going to dance. It was like ‘Come and stand in our video’ — you know, that’s good too. But that’s what he felt he wanted to do with that song. He came in with the red headphones that he’s wearing in the video.”

Ron added, “She adopted a character in the video. The way she organized what she did to be like the verses and then hyper on the choruses was perfect for the song. Separately, Blanchett told Clayton Davis ‘ Awards Circuit podcast that he likes “the way they think. I love their sense of humor, and how they take work seriously, but not themselves. You know, ‘The woman cried into her latte’ — very deep and shallow, at the same time.

The Woman Crying into Her Latte out May 26 via Island Records; pre-orders continues. In May, Sparks will go out in a big way headlining world tour. Take your seats by StubHub — where orders are 100% guaranteed through Stubhub’s FanProtect program.

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