“Catwoman” Toyah and Robert Fripp Cover “Rock You Like a Hurricane”: Watch

Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp returned with another show “Sunday Lunch”, which took over Fools classic “Rock You Like a Storm”. Watching her already impressive dress up game, Toyah fills Catwoman with this one.

Playing the lyrics to the song, “My cat is itching, my skin is cracking / What’s wrong with another sin?” Batman the bullwhip of the character between the song.

A sign on the kitchen cabinet reads “Fripp’s Ma Bitch”, calling out another line of the song, “The girl is hungry, she needs to say / So give her inches and feed her well.” Toyah also yells “Fripp’s beautiful girl” at the end of the song, and to reinforce that idea, she touches her husband’s face at the end of the show and tells him directly,

Just a year ago, longtime fans of prog-rock pioneers King Crimson probably unimaginable group member Fripp showing up in videos with mohawk and eye makeup, and being called “ass” by his wife “Catwoman” singer. But for now, par for the course for the couple.

The couple’s cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”, which featured Toyah riding an exercise bike while wearing a high-waisted look, went super viral with 7 million views. Other shows saw Toyah wearing a French maid getup (The Motor Ace “Ace of Spades), a costume cheerleader (“Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol), a bad nurse uniform (Alice Cooper’s “Poison”), a mermaid costume (Heart’s “Barracuda”), and body paint (The Prodigy’s “Firestarter”), among other clothing.

Once again, Toyah and Robert are joined by mysterious guitarist Sidney Jake, who has been a part of several previous “Sunday Lunch” videos.

Check out Toyah Willcox, Robert Fripp, and Sidney Jake performing “Rock You Like a Hurricane” in the video below.

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