Cause of Death of Bob Lee, Founder of Cash App Revealed

Afterward, Canny referred Lee’s autopsy report to Lee while speaking to reporters, according to several outlets. “There are a lot of drugs in Bob Lee’s system. “I mean, Bob Lee’s system is like the Walgreens of recreational drugs,” he said. “What happens when people do drugs? Usually, they act like people on drugs, and what people on drugs do is not themselves, not happy-go-lucky. Some kind of illusion and making bad decisions and doing bad things.”

According to SFGATEDistrict Attorney Brooke Jenkins told reporters at the time that it was common for the defense to tarnish victims’ reputations, adding that while he had not had a chance to review the medical examiner’s report, he did not believe at this point “that there were any drugs present or not.” participate in what happens.”

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