Cautious Clay to Play Pop-Up Shows on a Philadelphia Truck

Pitchfork Happy to announce the latest feature on Toyota Music Den Tours, a new series to make it easier for bands and listeners to get back to experiencing safe music safely. In Philadelphia on Saturday, June 12, Careful Earth will participate in the second of two Toyota Music Den Tours held with Pitchfork. The event will stream on YouTube and the Pitchfork homepage on June 30. Announce the time at a later date.

Cautious Clay will play a series of short sets in a flatbed truck, pulled by a Toyota Tundra, that will travel to various undiscovered locations around Philadelphia. Cautious Clay will tour every location in a Toyota C-HR. The event will begin in the afternoon, and you’ll find Cautious Clay at some of Philly’s most beloved venues, attractions and patios, shining brightly on the affected spaces. the pandemic.

Cautious Clay’s debut album, Dead Love, comes out June 25.

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