CDC’s Reducing Abortion Number Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

Headlines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announcing the claim that there will be more than 10,000 fewer abortions in 2019 compared to 2018 suggest that abortion is on the decline.

Unfortunately, such a report is misleading – and for many reasons.

First, the media often fails to distinguish between abortions being reported against being performed. California along with several other states and the District of Columbia have not reported any abortions in several years. So, frankly, we don’t have a way to know the specific numbers in the areas-but what we do know is that abortion clinics in the areas remain very busy.

In addition – and this is the most significant change in years – chemical abortions (the killing of unborn children by taking a drug called mifepristone) have risen rapidly. That’s not included in the tallies because many women abort their children at home. In fact, for the past two weeks, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed the distribution of abortion pills by mail. Abortion has become an epidemic with ease.

The mockery of the FDA-a government agency set up to protect the health and safety of Americans-is encouraging the distribution of a drug that can kill children and harm women’s health as lost to most.

Still, abortion enthusiasts are on the run. Their murderous and exploitative obsessions are now exposed, many times over. Even widespread voting shows that Americans are especially uncomfortable with abortion when demanded.

At Focus on the Family, we have been promoting the protection of the preborn since our inception in 1977. It remains a fundamental principle and goal. In part that’s because what you believe about the most innocent and vulnerable communicates your opinion and behavior to most everyone. If people were wondering why the culture had grown worse and more hostile, they would no longer have to look at legalizing abortion in all fifty states in 1973.

We make a difference and contribute to the development of pro-life sentiment. That’s because we encourage women to choose life and show them what they think is impossible is very possible. Our Option Ultrasound program helps women recognize that life is a better choice. If women who are contemplating abortion see their child, they are more likely to carry their child to term.

In addition, our partnership with Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Reversal Network provides life -saving help to mothers who have made a terrible mistake – but for whom it’s never too late to save their child’s life.

Our Wait No More program calls attention to the plight of orphans with children in foster care and encourages churches and congregants to live God’s call to service.

Overall, Focus on the Family is a bright spot in a dark culture.

Allow me to repeat a promise to you. We have been in this war from our beginning – and we will continue our efforts to protect all innocent lives.

As we consider the real hope of a post-Roe America, what can be done to prepare for this future transition? We need to redouble our efforts to support mothers – before, during and after childbirth. Wherever and whenever possible, the local church is in a unique position to provide housing, job training and other practical assistance. We need to work to make adoption an easier and more attractive option for born and adoptive mothers and fathers, encouraging and certifying the adoption tax credit. Can we create a national data base that connects mothers to future adoptive parents? We must continue to promote pro-life laws in family-friendly states, recognizing that these states can be a magnet for people to move because the culture of life is more attractive than culture of death.

So much more work remains as we try to help mothers and their children. We are here for them. We are here for you and your family.

Thank you for your help and support in 2021. This next year promises to be the most eventful in the history of pro-life activity.

Please join me in praying for strength and courage for all who are on the front line. Hold on and hold on tight – the Lord is at work!

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