Celebrate Christina Applegate’s SAG Awards With an Ode to Her Roles

After Applegate’s character Jen Harding loses her husband in a hit-and-run car accident, she befriends Judy Hale (Linda Cardellini), who said her fiance died of a heart attack. However, it soon becomes clear that Judy’s past is not exactly what it seems.

During its three seasons, Applegate—who was also an executive producer on the series—received numerous nominations for her work, including three Emmy nominations and four SAG Award nods. The actress was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the last season, and Cardellini recently revealed what they looked like in their final scene.

“We had a hard time saying goodbye,” Cardellini said The Hollywood Reporter. “Jen and Judy, and Linda and Christina cried some big tears. I think what you’ll see on the show is that Christina is absolutely as brilliant as ever, and she’s just an amazing actress. . He can do everything. .”

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