Chance the Rapper has released the First Teaser for His Magnificent Coloring World Movie

Chance the Rapper has released the first teaser trailer for Magnificent Coloring World, a concert film featuring shots from his recent tour.

The first teaser trailer for Unique World of Coloring, a concert documentary from Chance the Rapper, was released. The film marks the rapper’s first foray into the film industry after the actor dipped his toes in a prank show in Quibi. Chance will also cast a live-action Sesame Street cinema in 2022.

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opportunity posted on Unique World of Coloring teaser on his YouTube channel on Friday. The clip features footage from the rapper’s 2016 “Magnificent Coloring World Tour” with the song “Blessings (Reprise)” from Coloring Book. The concert film is from the makers of Park Pictures and House of Kicks and will be distributed exclusively in AMC theaters this summer. Chance will be the first individual musician to release a film in concert with AMC. Check out the teaser trailer below, as well as Chance’s personal message he posted on Twitter.

Chances are the Rapper started his career by releasing his own music rather than signing with a main studio, so it’s only fitting that his first film could also be independently produced. Over the past few months, Chance has been discussing an obscure artistic project called “House of Kicks” on social media. He recently clarified that the title means a “recording studio, a production office, a movie set and a project. “Park Photos list to make Sundance standouts and mission to”discovering and teaching new filmmaking talent“in accordance with the independent nature of the project.

Directed by Jake Schreier (Paper Cities), Unique World of Coloring recounts Chance’s 2016 trip through the US, Canada, and Europe. The film also celebrates its five -year anniversary Coloring Book, the rapper’s third mixtape to accelerate his mainstream success following two critically acclaimed EPs. The tour tops Chance’s 2017 Grammy sweep.

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