Character actor Lance Reddick has died suddenly at the age of 60

Lance Reddick, a character actor who specializes in grim, frozen and potentially evil authority figures on TV and film, including “The Wire,” ″Fringe” and the “John Wick” franchise, died. He was 60 years old.

Reddick died “suddenly” Friday morning, his publicist Mia Hansen said in a statement, attributing his death to natural causes. His death was first reported by celebrity website

Reddick has always been dressed in a suit or a crisp uniform during his career, playing long taciturn and handsome men of note. He is known for his role as straight-laced Lt. Cedric Daniels on the hit HBO series “The Wire,” in which his character is deeply entangled in the tumultuous politics of the Baltimore police department.

“I am an artist at heart. I feel that I am very good at what I do. When I was in drama school, I knew I was at least as talented as the other students, but because I’m a Black person and I’m not pretty, I knew I had to do my part butt to be the best I can do. to be, and to be noticed,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 2009.

Reddick also starred in the fox series “Fringe” as a special agent Phillip Broyles, the smartly dressed Matthew Abaddon in “Lost” and played the multi-skilled Continental Hotel concierge Charon in “John Wick” movie, including the fourth in the series opening this month

He earned a SAG Award nomination in 2021 as part of the ensemble for Regina King’s film “One Night in Miami.” Reddick played recurring roles on “Intelligence” and “American Horror Story” and was on the show “Bosch” for its seven-year run.

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