Charlyne Yi Shares Her Checklist Of Requests For Seth Rogen

Yi has a checklist for Rogen to follow to regain his support for Franco, asking him to apologize to the victims and educate himself about the sexual abuse.

Actress Charlyne Yi posted a checklist on her Instagram account, with a list of lawsuits she wants Seth Rogen to follow up to regain her previous support for James Franco. Franco, Rogen, and Yi are all co -stars in the 2017 film, The Disaster Artist. Franco was the executive who produced the film, which garnered critical acclaim and earned Franco a Golden Globe for Best Actor. However, at the filming of the film, several women came to accuse Franco of sexually misbehaving to them while they were students at the film school he had founded. While lawsuits have been settled and charges have fallen, many are dissatisfied with the outcome.

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Yi is particularly open about his criticism of Franco, as well as Rogen, whom he calls to be a mediator. After the allegations came out, Rogen continued to work with Franco and even made a nasty joke about the allegations while hosting. SNL. Revealed by Yi he tried to stop The Disaster Artist when the allegations arose, but his concerns were dismissed and even he was hired to remain. Since Rogen was one of the makers, he called him for his knowledge of bribery and for being a Franco caller for many years. While Rogen recently announced that he has no plans to work with Franco again and despises the abuse and harassment, Yi is not satisfied with his statement.

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Yi took to Instagram to post a checklist of demands Rogen would follow in order to regain his support for Franco. The list is intended to show Rogen how he should apologize. The first image in his Instagram post ordered Rogen to publicly apologize to the survivors he hurt publicly to side with the abuser, to educate himself on sexual assault, and to protect himself. and get rescuers. Her second slide explains why Rogen’s behavior breaks down and apologizes, and her last slide has an issue with all the women who need to apologize to Rogen. Check out his Instagram post below:

Yi’s post is bold and convincing, as is his original accusation against Rogen and the others who empowered Franco. To this day, Rogen did not issue a clear apology or admitted to any wrong done. Thus, Yi takes it upon himself to show Rogen the weight of his actions and how he needs to change them. In his post, he criticized Rogen and Franco for “two rich white male celebrities “ collaborating and sending thousands of fans to attack and threaten survivors. She recounts that women were abused, blacklisted, and their careers were ruined because of what Rogen and Franco did. He asked Rogen to apologize to every woman who came forward with the allegations, as well as those who had not yet come forward.

Rogen has yet to publicly respond to Yi’s checklist. Whether he acknowledges it or not, Yi’s words are bold and courageous, as he draws attention to the injustice surrounding this case. He taught individuals about sexual assault, what it means to be a mediator, and the impact on gaslighting survivors. Unfortunately, Franco’s case is just one of many where victims of sexual assault are silenced or despised, because their abusers have the money, fame, and publicity to do so. It is time for someone to take responsibility for the abusers and everyone who supports them. While it remains to be seen if Rogen will follow the list, it is inspiring that victims of Franco’s abuse have found a strong voice in Yi.

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