Check out David Lynch’s New Music Video for Donovan’s “I am the Shaman”

Today, May 10, a Scottish songwriter Donovan75th birthday. Via Rolling Stone and Brooklyn Vegan, the first part of the hippie icon celebrates with a new music video for his 2010 song “I’m the Shaman” directed by his old friend David Lynch, who also made the track.

The two septuagenarians (Lynch 75 too) bonded more than a decade ago in a shared love of transcendental meditation, and Donovan not only works with the David Lynch Foundation, he also contributed to the 2011 compilation album The Music of David Lynch.

As for “I am A Shaman”, it appears as a bonus track on Donovan’s 2010 double album Groove Ritual. The song was recorded at Lynch’s Los Angeles studio, and as the songwriter wrote, “Nothing happened at all… I visited the studio and David said,‘ Sit on the mics with your guitar Don ’. David is in the same room behind the control desk with my Linda, ”the wife said. “He asked me to bring only one song that had just come out, somewhere that was almost finished. We’ll see what happens. It happened!”

According to Donovan, he “made extempore… naturally come the verses. New chord patterns quickly appeared… Another day David ‘Sound Sculpted’ my Ferrington acoustic guitar ‘Kelly’ and he played his unique Modal Chord Ferrington Guitar textals with ‘Effects’. ”

The song toggles between two musical ideas: a beautiful, relaxing folk song, and a chorus lost through a psychedelic wormhole. The song opens with a poetic setting of the scene, as Donovan sings, “A wheeling of great stars has cast a silver web around my heart.” Amid the waves of nautical imagery, a number came up: “Lorelei,” he repeated, “Lorelei, who’s going to dry your beautiful eyes? From there, Donovan’s voice sank under reverb. , and digital wizardry gives the effect of time being moved backwards. ”Yes mon,” he says, “I am the shaman.” The same musical sections play each other, with the charm of one who sings. set up foreboding is different from others.

In Lynch’s hands, the music video is both simple and bizarre. Donovan has a frame on his guitar in front of a black backdrop. As the visuals progress, and as the lyrics travel in hyperspace, the rotating stars frame the singer, and the worn necklace appears to fix the frame. . Donovan used the video “I am the Shaman” to raise money for teaching transcendental meditation classes, and you can check it out below.

In other Lynchian news, the acclaimed director is working on a new television series for Netflix that seems to have the title in use Wisteria. It’s one of us most anticipated TV shows of 2021.

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