Check out Joshua Bassett’s “Cheesy” Original Audition for HSMTMTS

He launched his tone, singing, “I want your face. Your big brown eyes and your warm hug. And I have a question for you tonight. I hope you think about it and you don’t refuse., Maybe you will be mine, if you say you will come with me formally tonight. “

The actor, who went release his own songs outside of the TV show, the number ended by singing, “I know this is a short announcement. I know I’m not the first to do this… I want to know if you want to be formal to me. Oh! “

Naturally, he blessed Erin with a 2021 version of the vintage track, laughing, “Oh geez, I hate this song!” But Erin seemed to love it, when she shouted, “Yes! I accept!” after she serenaded him.

Joshua revealed that his high school date also accepted his proposal the day before: “Yes, yes.”

Watch the video above, and download Snapchat to tune in The Rundown on Monday for his full interview.

Meanwhile, apas sa HSMTMTS by watching during a marathon on the Disney Channel on Saturday, May 8. It will feature sneak peeks of the upcoming second season, which will air on Friday, May 14, on Disney +.

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