Check out Megan Fox’s Surprising Spot-On Impressions of Britney Spears

Megan Foxpretend to Britney Spears we shout, “Gimme More.”

the Jennifer’s body given by the actress The Kelly Clarkson Show the audience did a short performance to the tune of “Oops! … I Did It Again” on the Thursday, May 6 episode, and his impression was in place.

“I’m not a virgin, I’m not a woman yet,” she sang in the signature high -pitched Britney known. Maybe a friend Machine Gun Kelly gave him how many voice instructions?

As for what inspires the musical moment, Megan explains why Britney is her go-to artist on plane rides. He remembers the days when he flew once a week for work, even when he was afraid to travel by air.

“I was like,‘ I’m a statistic push right now because I’m always flying, ’” he shares. “And where does the fear come from because it’s like, yes if you fly twice a year you’re fine but not if you fly like twice a week.”

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