Check out Spot-On Pop Star Impressions by Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson

The tables — or rather, chairs — turned Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson.

While the two powerhouse singers are already accustomed to judging musical performances The Voice, they will head-to-head with a sing-off on Monday’s premiere That’s my Jam, a new NBC game show hosted by Jimmy Fallon.

In a preview of the series “Sneak Episode,” Ariana and Kelly showed off their vocal prowes on a stage at the Mixtape Medley Showdown, featuring a variety of random songs from iconic pop divas.

Although Ariana has proven before that she can just like imitating anyone from Christina Aguilera on Shakira, he clearly noticed tough competition from Kelly. As the “thank u, next” vocalist sighed before taking the stage, “I’m done for.”

Ariana began the challenge with a spot-on rendition of Britney Spears‘”Oops … I Did It Again,” before Kelly — as predicted by the former Nickelodeon star — followed with an impressive cover of Shania Twain“Whoever My Man is.”

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