Check out Taylor Swift’s Handmade Eras Tour with a Backstage Pass for Her Dad

Taylor Swift hoping to make the whole place shimmer.

After all, the “Lavender Haze” singer didn’t skimp on the colorful decorations when she created an all-access pass for her dad, Scott Swiftahead of him widely anticipated The Eras Tour. As seen in a photo of her creation shared on Instagram Story March 16, Taylor used gold foil letters to spell out “DOH Pass.”

“Dad of headliner,” the 33-year-old noted in his masterpiece. “All access.”

Taylor joked in the caption of her post, “Made my dad’s tour credentials. We are a small family business.”

But the Grammy winner isn’t the only one who gets crafty backstage. In separate posts, Taylor shared that her family was busy bejeweling her guitar.

“Is my Eras Tour crystallized There is no fear guitar made by: A) Craftsmen and well-trained craftsmen, B) A Professional musical instrument maker, C) My parents with Super Glue and a free afternoon,” he asked rhetorically, adding, “.. .It’s not C.”

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