Check out the Intense New Trailer for Showtime’s Yellowjackets

What happens in the woods doesn’t always stay in the woods.

You can pick up the survival kit the next time you travel on the plane after watching the new trailer for Showtimeof Yellowjackets, which fell on Oct. 27.

Juliette Lewis and Christina Ricci star of the series, giving a creepy Lord of the Flies met Girls vibes. The exciting teaser tells the story of a high school soccer team who find themselves abandoned in a remote wooded wilderness after their plane crashes en route to a game.

This is not a Girl Scouts camp. In successive flashbacks, the rejected teenagers become a wild clan that fights it out to survive the most deserving. Cut to 25 years later, where the TV movie began in the modern era.

“After they rescued us,” Lewis’s character in the trailer, “I lost my purpose.”

Mysterious messages emerged among the group of adult women. Some hide the dark secrets of their past. Some threatened and spoke. But who alone shares the poisonous truth?

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