Cher Just Made Her TikTok Debut and You’re More Confident It’s Iconic

If you are Cher, no introduction necessary.

Still, to remember his officer TikTok account, the pop legend was honored by fans posting his first video-and as you can imagine, it’s just like an image of him. First of all, she gave fans not one, but two dresses, complete with alternating blond and brunette wigs

However, it’s not just his ensemble that he can’t decide-introducing himself has also proven to be a bit tricky.

“Hi, it’s me, the great and strong Cher and I’m on TikTok,” he declared in the first take.

The second is like, “Hello, it’s me, Cher, at TikTok.”

“Guess who I am,” he said in the third, completely abandoning his name. “I’m in TikTok.”

The Oscar winner ended with, “Hi, of course you know who I am. I’ll introduce myself, but no.”

However, Cher’s message isn’t just about herself. “Happy Pride Month to everyone in the community I love,” he signed, “and that’s what makes you.”

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