Chicken Coop

Reader Photos and Founded by Whitney:

We used 2×3’s for framing and it was very good. They’re a bit hard to work with because they’re not as ridged as a 2×4. But at a cost of about $ 0.75 per board it can really save.

We used some old wooden windows and chose not to use the shutters. My concern is that the shutters will block out sunlight which will help keep the chicks warm in the winter. So it can be an option for one to get windows. We also used some wooden barns for the shutters … so cute!

Another change, we didn’t make the front hinge of the nesting box. From what I have read the eggs stay clean in their nest box so it is easy to clean them from the top. It also helps make the nesting box stronger (my 5 year old nephew is already caught standing in it!).

Another change to the nesting box, I made it shorter. By the time we got the tree up to the henhouse, it was too deep and it would have been hard for the chickens to get in and out. I shortened the sides to 4 “and left it with about a 3” drop in the box.

Please stop and take a look more construction photos and read more tips from Whitney from Whitney’s Workshop. Thanks again Whitney and family!

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DIY Chicken Coop

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