Choosing Artwork and Wall Decor For A Home Gym

After making my long punch list of things that need to be done in the home gym, and reminding myself that I only have six days left to do those things if I want to reach my goal, I went to visit a friend in the hospital and did almost nothing. πŸ˜€ I knew when I decided to go that I wouldn’t get any work done. He was the type of friend I could sit down and talk to for hours and hours, and that’s what I did. So now I’m down to five days, but I plan to hit the ground running right after lunch today.

But I was able to make all my choices for the art and wall decor that I would use in the home gym. I didn’t want to spend too much time creating artwork for the room (except maybe a few frames), so I went to Etsy to see what I could find there.

I want to find artwork/decoration for three different places. First, I wanted something for both walls at the entrance to the room. And then I want something to put in the cupboard above the TV. I decided I didn’t want anything in the main part of the room because the colorful stripes were enough for me, and I really didn’t want to cover them up. So I’ll show you what I bought.

Mainly. I want something for the wall to the right as you enter the room.

That’s the top tier of seamless stripes in the room, and while I love it, I think it could use some artwork to add some contrast. So I’m looking for gym themed artwork that doesn’t include inspirational messages, sayings, etc. I want actual pictures (photos, illustrations) of something gym themed.

You guys know I’m a huge fan of downloadable/printable art. I like its instant gratification, as well as its flexibility since downloads often have different print size options, and some even have different color options, just depends on the exact artwork chosen. So I was specifically looking for gym-themed downloadable/printable art.

That’s a pretty tight spot! πŸ˜€ There isn’t a lot of variety available out there that I like, but I found this series of patent drawings of different types of dumb bells and other exercise equipment.

There are 11 different drawings in the series, and you can find them here.

Next, I wanted something for the opposite wall, but on this wall, I didn’t want to cover too many stripes.

That’s why there is no more framed artwork. However, I chose this “You Got It!” cutout. It’s made of 1/4-inch plywood, and I chose the matte black finish.

Like I said before, I usually don’t like word art (unless it’s colorful and covered in hideous cut glass glitter), but a home gym (or any kind of gym) just lends itself to word art, motivational quotes, and more. And I really like the font they used for that cutout. I think it looks great in matte black against the colorful stripes, while not overwhelming the wall design.

And I saved the best for last. I want something to go in the closet area above the TV. You have to use your imagination, but just imagine a large TV on the wall above the wardrobe, and two full-length mirrors facing the wardrobe.

So here’s what I need to go over the TV…

I mean, come on! Is it really a gym if you don’t have a neon sign somewhere? πŸ˜€ I looked at many different Etsy shops that sell neon signs, with different types of inspirational sayings. But when I saw this (you can find it here), I knew it was perfect! I laughed out loud for a minute.

Perfect for our gym because Matt always (in his loving, joker, lighthearted manner) thinks I’m crazy. I say, β€œThis so-and-so and I’m about to go crazy!” and he would reply, β€œIt’s too late. You’ve been there a long time.” πŸ˜€ I really like him flirting like that, so when I saw this sign, I knew it was perfect. Of course, if he sees this, his response will be something like, “You’re too crazy over there to think you can do this.” πŸ˜€ But it adds to the running joke and makes us laugh. I couldn’t resist.

Update: I just told Matt about the neon sign I bought. His response was, β€œOh, then you exercise many then!” πŸ˜€ I know he won’t be bored!

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