Chris Cornell’s Family Settles The Doctor Who Prescribes Him Drugs

Chris CornellThe family member has reached a confidential settlement with a doctor over an offense case they filed that accused him of writing him scripts for “dangerous” and “mind-altering” medications. prescribed leading to his death, in accordance with the legal document.

completion Soundgarden rocker Chris Cornell found died by suicide in 2017. The legendary alternative rocker is 52 and survives wife Vicky Cornell, their daughter, Tony, now 16, and their son, Christopher, now 15. In 2018, the family sued Dr. Robert Koblin, an internist and cardiologist who practices in Beverly Hills, for allegedly over-prescribing the singer “mind-altering” drugs that he never tested. One of them, an anti-anxiety pill, was found in his system at his death.

“After years of litigation and settlement negotiations, the plaintiffs and (Koblin and Robertson Cardiovascular Center LLC) reached a confidential settlement agreement to resolve all of the claims stated in each plaintiff, ”the Cornell family attorneys state in court papers filed in a Los Angeles Court in April and obtained by E! News on Thursday, May 6. “Unfortunately, as in many cases of celebrities, this action has also attracted the attention of troubled individuals harassing the plaintiffs, including threatening the life and safety of plaintiffs Toni Cornell and Christopher Nicholas Cornell. “

The original lawsuit, obtained by E! The news, stating that Chris ’family sued the doctor and his office for“ negligence and repeated prescribing of dangerous, prepared mind controlled substances to Chris Cornell that damaged Mr. Cornell’s mind, slammed his judgment, and caused him to risk provoking conduct. which he did not restrain, which imposed upon him his life. “

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